Back to reality

Today it’s back to reality. My husband has had some time off work so for the past 11 days it’s been the 4 of us every day which has been fantastic. Been lovely having an extra pair of hands to help with bedtime, dinners, housework etc as well as do some fun family things together. Love having more time together whether we are just sat around at home, or out and about. But – yes there is a but – it means we have completely got out of “routine”

We’ve never had a regimented routine. I have been a very baby led parent, and that still continues to an extent, but we do have a rough routine with meal times, bedtime, playschool, dog walks. As hubby has been at home all dog walks have been done by me alone and although it’s so much easier for me, I think this can have an adverse on my eldest who is used to her run about and bit of fresh air every day.

Couldn’t be a worse day to start though. My husband works shifts and this week it’s earlies. On a Monday that means a 6am to 6pm shift, home about 6.45pm shoves dinner down his throat then out to pool. I am used to it as its been going on for years but today when I’ve already been asked 10times “where’s daddy?” it’s going to be a struggle!!!

At least we’ve only got a 4 day working week then another 4 days together!


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