Munchkin Travel Booster Seat – Our thoughts!

Easter Sunday meant a family day at my mum’s and roast dinner was on offer. Amongst all the paraphernalia we loaded into the car to accommodate a ten minute journey up the road with two adults, one two year old, one 3 month old and a dog (!) we took our Munchkin Travel Booster Seat.


I love the design and colours and it very much looks like a bag. I didn’t use the storage compartment on this occasion but will when we take it on holiday later in the month. It is incredibly light and easy to use.

It fitted perfectly on to the dining chair at my mum’s house too. The straps are easily adjustable so I can see it will fit on to a number of different shapes & sizes of chair.


Our daughter was quite excited at her “special chair” and quickly clambered up and sat herself on. We have a hard plastic booster seat which she rarely sits on as she complains that it hurts her, but not once did she whine whilst we all sat and ate dinner. She ate a lot more than she normally would and I think this was as she felt part of the group sitting up at the table properly.


We’ll be taking the booster seat with us when we go on our mini break in a few weeks time so will report back more but so far, first impressions of the booster seat are great!!


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