I will write my birth stories…..

I started Taylor’s birth story just after she was born but I’ve still never fully written it up. I have all the notes and remember it all like it was yesterday.

Lauren’s birth story is a lot more straight forward thankfully!!

I intend to have Taylor’s birth story published on here by her birthday next week. Lauren’s will follow shortly after, or at least by her first birthday! 😉


3…!! She’s about to turn 3!

I can’t believe that in 10 days time our gorgeous eldest daughter turns 3.

In some ways it feels like she’s been with us forever & in other ways it doesn’t seem two minutes since I was in hospital awaiting her arrival.

I have a mixture of emotions as her birthday approaches. I feel excited as she now understands birthdays and her little face is just going to be so gorgeous as she gets her cards & presents! But I feel sad as I feel like time is passing too quick & I want it to slow down.

I sometimes feel that I’m not making the most of our time together & not aiding her development as much as I could. Don’t get me wrong though – Taylor is incredibly bright for her age, she can count to 20, she can recognise all the letters, recite the alphabet, and even write some letters. She talks incredibly clearly in sentences. She’s confident, potty trained day & night, sleeps through, inquisitive, has an incredible imagination, sociable, happy………..

I still feel like I should be doing more!!