She didn’t need me tonight….

We always have a bedtime story before our daughter tucks down for the night. We try to vary it but she does have a few she loves and we read over & over again.

We have noticed on several occasions that Taylor has the most incredible memory for her age. The things she can recall are astounding and she can remember all sorts.

Tonight I was laid in her bed during story time and she “read” to me. It was “We are going on a bear hunt” and we haven’t read it for a couple of weeks.

I say”read” as she cannot yet read but she did the whole book word for word, turning the pages at the appropriate time and following along the sentences with her finger just like I do when I read to her!!

As we got to the swirling whirling snowstorm I had tears streaming down my face. Good tears. I couldn’t believe how much she has taken in and how well my little 3 year old girl asserts her independence.

I look at her sometimes and I do literally feel like my heart is swollen with pride and love. And I frown in disbelief. How did this beautiful, intelligent little being come from me?


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