Regaining my shape

I have never had to diet or worry about my body shape really. As a teenager I was always stick thin, never very womanly. At about 19 I finally gained boobs and felt happier with my shape and up until recently I have never grumbled about my shape…

I had our first daughter just after my 30th birthday. Looking at my last picture the day before she was born I was quite big and had clearly put weight on everywhere!! The majority of weight gain had been in the last few weeks and this photo was taken at 16 days overdue!


Within 6 weeks of birth though I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. And I wasn’t squeezing myself into them though, they did actually fit!! I still ate rubbish and due to breastfeeding was eating an awful lot of cake (that’s my excuse anyway!) I put the post pregnancy weight loss down to breastfeeding and long walks with the dog. Our first was born in May so the days tended to be dry, so little one was in the pram, walking shoes on and off we’d go. I’d probably do at least three 1hour+ walks a week on top of the regular dog walks.

I actually went a lot thinner than pre pregnancy and someone actually commented saying I’d lost too much.

I kind of took it for granted that I didn’t have to do anything to lose weight.

Then 2 and half years later along came our second baby. I wasn’t as big as with our first but then again our second was born missing her due date by just over 1 hour!!


But this time with a winter baby, and a 3 year old to look after there have been no long dog walks. The dog walks still happen obviously but not long like they were before baby 2.
And this means the extra weight is still on 7months later.

Our first holiday abroad in 2 years has been booked for October which means that if I want to actually expose myself in a bikini round the pool and be comfortable then something had to be done.

After looking online for local classes, in late April I joined a small independent fitness group run by a personal trainer. After my first class which included over 200 squats I couldn’t walk properly for 5 days!!! I had to walk down the stairs backwards as it was the only way it didn’t hurt…. The old me would’ve given up but I carried on going every Wednesday. The group is lovely and with it not being in a big gym it feels more friendly and the girls all go out together and do challenges together.

One of these challenges is a 12 week challenge, which I have joined. It started on 15th July.


We have to follow a diet plan which mainly follows eat clean principles, and I have to do 2 classes a week and home work outs.

On Saturday it was the first official weigh in as weigh ins are done every 2 weeks. I hadn’t felt much different and the scales at home weren’t showing much change so I didn’t feel that good. I only lost 2.5lbs but I have lost a total of 6.5 inches – the biggest loss being 2.75 inches from around my waist. I was totally surprised and actually quite pleased with myself.

Being totally honest, while I have stuck to the diet 95% of the time, the home work outs probably haven’t been as tough as they could be.

Today is day 1 of week 3 so I am stepping it up a gear. I’m trying harder to stick to the diet completely and I’m upping my exercise.

No one has criticised my appearance. I am doing this for me. Well, and for my wardrobe full of clothes which are all crying as they no longer see the light of day due to not being able to squeeze themselves over my thighs, or being a bit too clingy on lumps & bumps……

My husband has been extremely supportive and said he fancies me and loves me whatever shape I am, as the shape I was was down to the fact I’d carried our two beautiful girls. But I think he’ll be even happier, as will I, when I’m back to what I feel is my best. And he’s doing the diet with me. The bugger has lost 10lb in 2 weeks but he does have more to lose than me!!!

I will be slim & fit again, this is just the start…..


5 thoughts on “Regaining my shape

  1. Good luck Kerry! You can do it. And remember iyou are building muscle, it weighs more than fat so the scales won’t show as much loss, it’s the inches that are important!

    Lou x

    • Thanks Lou.
      I’ve given up weighing myself already and I’m just going to wait for Lizzie to measure me every 2 weeks.

      Got a skirt zipped up this morning that I’ve not worn for 4 years as I couldn’t zip it up 🙂

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