A photo of us – Blog everyday in August

Tonight I have seen on Yummy Mummy In Training’s blog – a blog every day in August challenge.

As I am trying to catch that blogging bug I thought I’d give it a go using her prompts list.

I missed yesterday as I’ve only seen it tonight so I have jumped straight to day 2 which is “A Photo of Us”. (I’ll possibly do Day 1 at the very end)

I am very rarely in photos. I take loads every single day of our girls, scenery, funny things I see, the dog, etc. but one of a few things that make me sad is that we have very few photos with me in.

Our youngest daughter was born 7 and a half months ago on 19th December and the only photo I have of us is this one


This photo was taken the evening Lauren was born, during visiting hours.
Whilst I am in my PJs, looking knackered and nowhere near my best this photo makes me very happy every time I look at it.

Our eldest daughter was (and still is) going through a stage where she will not pose properly for a photo so I love the way that she is looking directly at the camera which is being held by my mum.

My husband and I are both knackered but deliriously happy that we have brought another healthy, beautiful baby into the world together.

I am going to now make it my mission to have a nice photo of the four of us taken together before the end of the month. I don’t know where or when but I’m determined to get it done. And I aim to be in more photos myself as if we go away I am always the one behind the camera so it never looks like I’ve been to these places!


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