Day 3 – Life Goal

Continuing with the blog every day in August today’s prompt is “Life Goal”

I’ve been pondering on this subject all day. It’s a strange one for me as I feel I have achieved my life goal. If you achieve it do you then just set a new one?

Growing up people have ambitions to be doctors, nurses, in the police, travel the world, own their own business, ……. Not me. All I dreamed of as a child/teenager/in early twenties was finding my soulmate, having a fairy tale wedding day then having 2 children.

I met my soulmate on March 2005 & we had our first date on 24th May 2005

Damian proposed to me whilst on holiday in Kenya in September 2006


And we had our fairy tale wedding on the 4 year anniversary of our first date


And the last bit achieving my life goal….
2 beautiful children born May ’10 & December ’12.


In essence I have achieved the life goal I had…. So what now??

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want another child. I loved being pregnant. I love being a mum and helping my children learn and grow as little human beings, but finances mean that it probably won’t happen. I’d rather be able to give the girls a great life than struggle to provide for three of them if that makes sense.

I want to be able to bring up our children to be happy & successful in whatever they dream to do.

I want to spend my life with my husband by my side until the day I die just like we promised each other in our vows.

Ultimately we would like to emigrate and bring our children up in a country that – in our opinion – would provide a better future for our children. We aren’t presently working towards this but it is there in the backs of our minds and maybe one day it will happen.

Writing this I feel quite sad that I have no “life goal” and I know this will now dominate my thoughts trying to figure out what I would like to achieve in life even though I do feel pretty damn happy with how my life has been


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