Happiness is…..

Day 4 of Blog Everyday in August with Yummy Mummy In Training

For me Happiness is many things. Some of my things are things that have and will only happen once, other things are recurring.

Happiness is…..

……. when my husband gives me a kiss or a cuddle at a random moment for no other reason than he wanted to at that point in time

……. listening to our girls giggle with each other

……. watching how excited our girls get when they see Daddy for the first time when he gets home from work

……. the moment you arrive on holiday knowing you have a week / 2 weeks of sun, sea, food and fun ahead with the ones who mean the most by your side

……. spending time with family members having fun and smiling

……. recalling happy memories from the past which you can’t help but smile at

……. the first time you get into bed after washing the bed sheets and everything feels so lovely

……. the first time your child smiles at you, or says mummy/daddy, or cuddles you, or kisses you….

……. looking around your home and knowing that you can overlook the untidiness or odd jobs that might need doing because the house is yours & you’ve worked damn hard to get it

……. the moment you get eye contact with your groom waiting for you at the end of the aisle

……. creating new family traditions. For example one of ours is watching Home Alone while putting up our Christmas decorations.

……. the moment your baby is first placed in your arms after birth

……. and watching your husband hold your child for the first time after birth

……. a perfectly cooked steak!

……. a nice long soak in a very hot bubble bath

……. cooling down in the pool after laying in the hot sun

……. waking up and finding out its later than you thought it was

I could go on, but won’t! I find that happiness is not just found in one thing or one place or one person…

I just looked up the definition of happiness:-

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

I think my list is pretty right then!


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