I wanted to lose weight but……

I know I wanted to lose weight and tone up – but losing 5lbs in 24 hours and giving my tummy muscles a good workout through being sick wasn’t quite what I had in mind!!!

I can’t remember the last time I was ill. Since becoming a stay at home mum I am very rarely ill. When I worked I seemed to catch every bug going, and it must have been the air conditioning and mixture of people. Now I rarely get ill, so starting and not being able to stop being sick on Saturday night came as quite a shock. But what made it worse was when our eldest started with the same thing at 6.30am the next morning!!

Watching her little face screw up with confusion was heartbreaking. Because as well as me not being ill I can probably say Taylor has only ever been poorly 3times at the most in her 3years, and she has never suffered with sickness. Trying to explain to her that no she couldn’t have some milk, or dinner was tough. Every tiny bit of water reappeared so anything else was out of the question.

Today will be a very, very lazy day I think. If she feels anything like me then I can see lots of naps or a very early night being on the agenda. Fortunately the sickness has stopped so now it’s time to build up our strength again.

At least my weight loss has had a boost but I do not recommend it to anyone!!!!


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