A day in our life ….

Day 6 in blog every day in August is a Day in Our Life……

Due to my husband working a 3 week cycle of shifts our typical day changes depending on what shift he’s as his working hours means different patterns of when he’s here and isn’t here!

Lets take a typical morning shift day though….

Dame’s alarm goes off at 4.45am and off he goes to work. I sometimes hear the alarm, I sometimes don’t but I always wake slightly to say goodbye and give / receive a kiss. On the very rare occasion I haven’t woken for that kiss I do feel like I’ve missed out on something and it niggles at me all day!

As I fell back into the trap of co-sleeping I get woken normally by a little hand grabbing my face along with lots of cooing. What better way to be woken up is there?! This can be anywhere from 7am to 8am.

If Lauren doesn’t wake first the pair of us get woken by Taylor who pads through from her room and whispers “Mummy, Is it time to get up yet?” There has been a few times when this question has been asked at 2/3am and been met with a sigh and her gently guided back to bed.

As Taylor will tell you every day we:-

“Get up, have breakfast, get dressed, take Ashy walk, and then what mummy?”

As she says we get up, have our breakfast while watching whatever is her choice of children’s channel that morning, then we get dressed and take our dog Ash for a walk. Sometimes the walks a 20minute wander, other times a trip to the park which can be an hour or more. It is very weather (and my mood!) dependent. The dog walks are very important part of our day though I feel. We get fresh air, exercise, and I get to teach the girls about all sorts of different things.

We only have one car so when my husband is at work we don’t have a mode of transport. I haven’t yet been brave enough to face a bus journey with a pram and a 3 year old. As such morning shift weeks are spent at home. Every day is different.

I obviously have various housewifey things to do such as washing, cleaning etc but I admit these are not my main priority. My main priority is always our girls. So we spend time playing imaginary games ranging from schools to shops, we do puzzles, we paint, we draw, we sing, we dance, we read, we chase, we play hide and seek, we watch Monsters Inc for a million and one times (!) …………..

Morning shift days Daddy gets home around 3pm meaning smiles and excitement all round! Watching how excited both the girls get seeing their Daddy on his return home from work fills my heart with joy. I’ll never tire of seeing that sight.

Then the next few hours are a whirlwind of another dog walk (just me this time), dinner, bathtime, story time, bedtime then normally lounging about on the sofa with my hubby chatting and watching rubbish on TV!

Very boring really isn’t it?


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