Took the plunge

Well today I took the plunge and put this blog address on my twitter.

It’s taken me a while to do this for a number of reasons but its done now!

I have chosen to use our real names as it was just going to be a blog for me to record our family life occasionally. This did initially put me off sharing as I knew that so many bloggers are anonymous which I completely understand. I figured I have shared names and things on my Twitter anyway so no point hiding it on my blog too.

For years I have had my online activity monitored constantly and occasionally I have been unjustly reported because the reader was upset by what they saw or because of their own interpretations of what I had posted . I believe it still continues to this day although I can no longer be sure. This did put me off publishing my blog too. I already have to think very carefully sometimes about what I tweet or post in case it is used against my family. I know I should not have to do this but I do to protect all of my family.

If my beliefs are true and I am still being monitored then so be it. I’m flattered that I am on people’s minds so much.

– All my posts are true. I don’t lie.

– I may not be the best writer in the world but hopefully I will get better.

– I will not be to everyone’s liking just as everyone is not to mine but that’s what makes the world an interesting place. Be boring if we all liked the same!


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