Get crafty……..

I’m one of those people who has loads of wonderful ideas in their head of lovely things that they are going to make for their home and for presents. I buy the crafty bits thinking “ooh that’ll be great for xxxx one day” but when it comes down to it I can’t find the time / patience to do it. Instead I find excuses.

I do occasionally do things. I like making cakes for birthdays and decorating them to a certain theme, I like making picture collages and recently made an address book for my inlaws covered in family photos. When our nephew was born I made a little book full of info about the day he was born and all about his family….. I do things for others, thoughtful things even if I say so myself….. But I wish I did more.

I’ve probably inherited this trait of thinking and not doing. My mum buys stacks of material and ribbons and things off eBay. She has great plans for them but as yet hardly used them. She made great beanbags for the dog, for our eldest daughter and my goddaughter. But has the potential to make so much more.

There’s a couple of special occasions coming up and I really want to make things for the people involved and I have a few things in mind but its forcing myself to sit down and do it.

I think I get put off as things always look better in your head than they do when you make them don’t they?

I really should just stop making excuses and do…… there’s many things I do that with in my life though so its finding a way to change my thought process and get crafty ….

Day 8 in Blog Every Day In August with Yummy Mummy in Training


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