There are good things about me

I’ve been writing this post over a couple of days and I kept getting distracted and actually found it quite difficult to write.

The other day I wrote a post about how I see myself
As you can read I am quite negative about myself, so to counteract that I have tried to write positive things about myself. I find it very hard to see the good in myself but here goes…

If you ask for my help, I will help
If a family member or friend asks for my help in something I will do my very best to help. I tend to throw myself into things, especially if it involves researching and letter writing which I believe are strong skills of mine. I do have to be careful as I feel like my help can sometimes be a bit too much and I worry people will feel like I’m trying to take over.
I will help anyone if I can, even if I don’t know you very well.

I’m thoughtful
At times I can be quite thoughtful. I sometimes like to do things that show I care and aren’t just lazy gifts.
For example when our first (and only to date) nephew was born in 2007 I made a book. In it was information about when he was born & facts about that day, and photos of his family members.
Hopefully he still has it!!
I like to do things like that.

I come last
Now I know this isn’t always a good thing but its good not to be selfish right? I come last in my list. It is more important to me that my husband and our children are happy and getting what they need and want in life than me. I’d do anything for all 3 of them. Perhaps I do too much but that’s my job. I put their needs before mine. Always.

I can be pretty
I don’t always feel pretty. But I know that I can feel and look pretty. When I met my husband in 2005 I think that was the time when I was happiest with how I looked. In all honesty the negativity about looks has crept back in since having the girls.



I’m a good mum
My girls are happy, healthy and developing well. So I must be doing something right mustn’t I?
Taylor and I have rarely spent any time apart in our 3years together. I do pride myself that she is a polite, intelligent, funny, loving, pretty little girl and that the majority of her learning was down to me. Lauren seems to be very similar in character so I can see I’m going to have my hands full!

I’m happy
In general I am a happy person. I am married to a man who is my best friend as well as my lover. We own our home which is a nice sized house, with a garden. Together we are blessed with two beautiful daughters. We have a large loving family and plenty of friends. We lead a good life. We strive for more but we are happy.

I’m bubbly, confident and fun
Well, I like to think I am. I laugh a lot. Very loudly!! My laugh is a very, very loud laugh! I am confident talking to anyone wherever I am. I make friends quite easily. I like to talk – TOO MUCH! I think in general I do have a sunny disposition.

Is that better???


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