Slowly but surely…

It’s been 4 weeks since I started my weight loss journey now. I started with the 12 week challenge in order to regain my shape
Whilst I’m not losing weight fast I am slimming down and by measuring instead of weighing, and taking photos I can see the difference.

Here’s a photo after 3 weeks:-


I think you can see a difference.
I have lost weight on my face too but I haven’t taken photos including my head!!

I am following an eat clean diet set by Lizzie at The Vibe Studio and attend two classes there a week. I also try to fit in home workouts.

I must admit finding the time to do home workouts is what I am finding most difficult. With the shift working husband, and two young children constantly with me I find it hard to fit workouts into my schedule. When my husband is home I tend to do jobs I can’t always get done without someone looking after the girls. I know this is something I have to work on if I’m going to slim down further and get fitter.

The diet was tough for first few weeks but is getting easier.

Over next week and half before next weigh in I need to:-

– drink more water
– fit in more exercise


One thought on “Slowly but surely…

  1. I can definitely see a difference!! Well done!! I know what you mean about working out at home. I’m going to do my exercise DVD every night I’m not working or at least that’s the plan. On the nights I’m working I’m on my feet all evening and walk over a mile home 🙂
    Definitely going to measure myself on Saturday xx

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