I’m thankful for…

I’m thankful for far too many things, but I probably don’t show my appreciation enough.

I’m thankful for….. (In no particular order)

– my upbringing which taught me the importance of family.

– having our own home. It might not be the best house in the world or in the most idyllic location, but its our home and even if we stay here until the day we die, it’s ours.

– finding my soulmate. Sadly not everyone gets to find love like I have and for that I could not be happier.

– for having 2 beautiful children with my soulmate. We were lucky enough to conceive easily and have uncomplicated pregnancies, and two very happy, healthy children.

– for having a fantastic mum. She is there whenever I need her whether that’s for a chat, for help, for support, to babysit, to be taxi….. The list is endless. We don’t always see eye-to-eye but I wouldn’t want anyone else. She spoils the girls rotten and is a fantastic Nanny.

– sounds strange but I’m thankful for the tough times my husband and I have had. Our relationship was made very strong very quick due to what happened in our life and it proved to everyone as well as ourselves that this really was a love that was meant to be and could not be broken.

– having a loving, caring family. Grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins…… I think it’s important to have a strong family bond.

This is a post in line with Blog Every Day In August


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