I like traditions. I like making new traditions with my family. Most of our family traditions tend to be around Christmas.

My husband and I have lived together for 8 years now, but the first 2 years we spent living at mum’s house. We bought our house in 2007.

The first Christmas in our house we put up the Christmas decorations whilst watching Home Alone. I think it was on the TV that first year, but every year after that we have put Home Alone on on DVD and watched it while putting up our tree.

Other Christmas traditions now include all dressing up as Father Christmas on Christmas Eve before bed, going to the Christingle service at the church we got married in and leaving the mince pie, beer & carrot out for Father Christmas & Rudolph….. And then there’s the big one.

This is the one where people stare at me in disbelief when I tell them, ask me if I’m mad. My husband still isn’t overly happy about it but has just gone with it. It’s what I know to be Christmas.

On Christmas Day we open our stocking presents in bed. We then have our breakfast and get washed and dressed. Then we can all have 1 present from under the tree. Yes, you read that right – one.
The rest of the presents are opened after lunch.

I don’t know why it was like this. I have kind of assumed it was because this way whoever was cooking didn’t get to miss out on watching the children open the presents.

To me it works well, we’d usually have a present that would amuse us for that time. Then all stuffed full of our turkey dinner we’d relax and all open our presents together, everyone seeing the reactions of people as they saw what they’d got.

I love it. Possibly because its all I’ve ever known. It prolongs the day but I must admit in recent years perhaps its gone on too long and opening presents at 9pm isn’t quite right – so maybe a few more than one need to be opened in the morning. Or maybe we go overboard and there’s just to many to open.

We don’t know what our Christmas plan are yet this year and who will or won’t be with us but these traditions will certainly be taking place


2 thoughts on “Tradition…

  1. We do something very similar – stocking presents and presents from us to each other are opened in bed, then every half to one hour throughout the day we each get another random present pulled out from under the tree. This means that all the presents get their own time to be played with / appreciated and don’t get forgotten in the excitement of that one big thing you’ve been waiting for for months. Also keeps Christmas interesting all day while the adults are being boring over coffee.
    Usually the presents run out around midday on Boxing day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. All three of my kids have said that when they grow up and have partners and children this is a non-negotiable aspect of Christmas, they just hate the thought of it all being over before lunch.

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