What to do with all that preschool artwork?

Taylor loves to draw. There’s rarely a day goes by that she hasn’t drawn something. Always on paper mind!

Every day at preschool when I pick her up there’s all the artwork done by the children on the tables. I can normally identify which are Taylor’s as she writes her name on them, or I can tell by the style of drawing. Some days I’m surprised by what she says is hers and after two or three “are you sure this is yours Taylor?” I have to admit defeat and take it home.

There’s no way I am keeping everything. I am quite a hoarder, but even I can see its excessive keeping every single drawing. So thanks to the wonders of modern day technology I take photos of the bits we bring home, then on a Friday use Instacollage to combine the pictures into one to keep!!

I then bin the majority and have kept the odd one or two. At the end of every term I’ll go through them again and narrow it down to one or two favourites.






Bear hunt….

On Saturday I suddenly realised that I hadn’t seen a little teddy bear belonging to my youngest for sometime. She doesn’t have many teddies and as we co-sleep she doesn’t throw them around her cot or anything, but the more I thought about it the more it annoyed me.

I searched all through the eldest’s bedroom on Sunday and the youngest’s. No sign. Yesterday I went through some boxes of “clutter” in our bedroom, my cupboard and the cupboard in the youngest’s room which is full of blankets/bedding etc. Still no sign.

I’m not sure why it’s bothering me so much but until I’ve exhausted all possible hiding places I can’t stop looking. So today I am going up in the loft to see if the bear got caught up with the Moses basket.

There are plenty of other things I could be doing with my time but this is really playing on my mind. Where the hell is it hiding?

Oh what a beautiful morning……

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, it’s reasonably warm considering the temperatures lately and I am in an extremely good mood!

Got a full week ahead of lots of fun things with our girls, my husband and friends.

Tomorrow we are taking our girls to Eureka! in Halifax. I’ve never been before so I’ll report back on that. Wednesday the girls are staying with Grandad while my husband and I go off for a spa day that one of my brother-in-laws bought us for Christmas last year. Going to be lovely relaxing just the two of us for a few hours.

I feel generally on top of things at home (apart from ironing!) which helps my good mood.

Just thought aid share and my post acts as a reminder to myself that I am happy and I am doing an alright job

What do we need to know when applying for school?

By January we have to submit Taylor’s school application for her to start school next year.

There are two schools in our village, one of which is right across the road. The other a 10-15 minute walk (and I would be walking, not driving, come rain or shine)

We have lived in our village for 6 and half years now. When we moved here we didn’t know a great deal about the place, and didn’t really take schools into consideration. And it’s only since becoming a parent that I’ve met people who live here apart from our neighbours who are all elderly.

It’s a place where the majority of people have lived here their whole lives. Their parents, even their grandparents, still live here. They’ve all been to the schools and it is a very 50/50 split as to which school they think is better.

Taylor started at play school just after her second birthday and it is at the school closest to us. She has moved into the preschool there now she is 3. We chose it because a) it was closest and b) because she could start at 2, where as she’d only just be starting now at the other. She was more than ready a year ago to join so it would have been no good waiting for the other.

As we started to fill in the online school application the other day I said to my husband we know nothing about these schools and I’m purely basing a decision on location and the fact that the children she is at preschool with will be attending it. Were we comfortable just applying for a school we knew nothing about?

I enquired about open days/evenings with the school but as they don’t do them we were offered an appointment with the headmaster instead.

As the appointment approaches I suddenly am getting nervous and have no idea what we actually want to know.

What is important to us for the school our daughters will be attending? Is it as important now or should I only be fretting when it comes to high school applications?
What is a good class size?
What do I need to know about teaching methods?
Are after school activities important?

What did you need to know?
What do I want to know?

8 weeks done….

I’ve now completed 8 weeks of my 12 week challenge. The idea was I would be comfortable wearing a bikini by the time we went on holiday.

My starting weight was 10st 5lb and at my weigh in this weekend I am now 9st 10lb.
When I started I wanted to lose a stone. I remember being just under 9st and feeling too skinny so I think I need to be a few lbs above. Therefore I’d be happy if I can lose a couple more lbs by the end of the 12 weeks.

My shape has changed. I haven’t got a note of my measurements at moment and am waiting for our instructor to post in the group, but I can see from photos I’ve taken myself, and the fact my clothes fit better that my shape has changed


I can manage a lot more in my classes, I’ve felt happier and those changes have helped motivate me in all aspects of life.

That’s just a little update while I have a spare few minutes!!

Back to school

The summer holidays are over and during this next week the schools will all reopen for a new school year.

Pre-school started today. And today is the day that we get our funding for 15hours a week for our eldest.

Taylor had been going to playschool 2 sessions a week since turning 2. She loves going to playschool and we have all missed it over the summer holidays. But now she will go every morning.

We had spoken about it over the summer and how she’s be going into a new room and going every day. Last night was an easy bedtime as she was excited for this morning!

There is no uniform at the preschool so the children can wear whatever you want them to. There are some children that always seem to have really nice clothes on, but I dress Taylor in very casual clothes as she always seems to come home mucky! It’s quite nice that I don’t have to dress her in uniform until she goes to “proper” school next year.

So this morning was the first time in a long while that the alarm went off and I actually had to wake Taylor. Typical isn’t it?! She had been waking at 7am nearly every morning for weeks, and today I have to wake her at 7.30am!

Usual morning routine of breakfast, get dressed, then she knows she has time to watch 2 Peppa Pig episodes on Channel 5, then off we go. This morning she was so eager that we had to leave half way through the second episode!


Taylor became a little nervous as we stood waiting for the gate to open but once she’d gone in, put her coat on her peg and found her name tag to put in the basket she was fine. I think because there was familiarity from playschool routine it settled her immediately.

I was a bit emotional on the walk home with Lauren thinking that now that’s it. She’ll be gone every day in the school term from now until, well until a long long time away!!!

I’m looking forward to the one-on-one time it’s going to give me & Lauren, and I’m hoping we can all settle into a nice routine meaning that jobs get done as well as time is spent together having fun.

The 3 hours soon passed and it was time to pick her up. The smile on her face told me all I needed to know.

We’ve told Taylor to write her name on pictures she draws so we know which are hers. Sure enough there was a picture waiting…..


And I as I suspected her trousers were filthy…..


I think it’s going to take a while to all get used to the new routine but I know it’ll benefit us all.

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Who am I?

I’m Kerry, I’m 33 (wanted to say 32, but its definitely 33!)

I’m married to Damian, who I’ve been with for 8years, married for 4; and I’m a stay at home mum to our two beautiful girls who are aged 3 and 8months.

We live in West Yorkshire with our dog. A black Labrador called Ash who is 10.

We own our 3 bedroom house (or will do one day!) It’s no palace but its our home, not just a house.

I was born in Essex, but I’ve spent 26 of my 33 years in Yorkshire so I consider myself a Yorkshire lass. My accent is very mixed and changes depending on who I’m talking to. Not intentionally, but I know it does happen! Hubby is from Basingstoke but even he now prefers it oop north!

I’m a total chatterbox. I love to talk and love a good gossip with friends, family, whoever may want to chat! My eldest does not stop talking so its clear who she takes after!

I love to watch pretty much all the soaps and every reality show going. I’d be the first to admit I watch far too much TV.

I have far too many clothes and shoes and am a total hoarder.

I love Take That, Robbie Williams in particular, and have to go to every tour they do no matter what the cost.

I consider myself to be a honest, polite, eager, hard working, caring, loving person. Of course I have my bad points but who doesn’t?

I started blogging to try and record some points of our family life, but as with most things in my life, I start but never finish. Something I’m trying very hard to overcome.

I use Facebook & Twitter far too much. I took a 2month break from Facebook recently but am back on and getting annoyed again already!

I’m going to try and blog more. Things we do, things I feel, funny things that happen, milestones……….

As I say in my “about” my posts will probably flit from one thing to another without cohesion, but if that didn’t happen it wouldn’t be a true reflection of me!