Who am I?

I’m Kerry, I’m 33 (wanted to say 32, but its definitely 33!)

I’m married to Damian, who I’ve been with for 8years, married for 4; and I’m a stay at home mum to our two beautiful girls who are aged 3 and 8months.

We live in West Yorkshire with our dog. A black Labrador called Ash who is 10.

We own our 3 bedroom house (or will do one day!) It’s no palace but its our home, not just a house.

I was born in Essex, but I’ve spent 26 of my 33 years in Yorkshire so I consider myself a Yorkshire lass. My accent is very mixed and changes depending on who I’m talking to. Not intentionally, but I know it does happen! Hubby is from Basingstoke but even he now prefers it oop north!

I’m a total chatterbox. I love to talk and love a good gossip with friends, family, whoever may want to chat! My eldest does not stop talking so its clear who she takes after!

I love to watch pretty much all the soaps and every reality show going. I’d be the first to admit I watch far too much TV.

I have far too many clothes and shoes and am a total hoarder.

I love Take That, Robbie Williams in particular, and have to go to every tour they do no matter what the cost.

I consider myself to be a honest, polite, eager, hard working, caring, loving person. Of course I have my bad points but who doesn’t?

I started blogging to try and record some points of our family life, but as with most things in my life, I start but never finish. Something I’m trying very hard to overcome.

I use Facebook & Twitter far too much. I took a 2month break from Facebook recently but am back on and getting annoyed again already!

I’m going to try and blog more. Things we do, things I feel, funny things that happen, milestones……….

As I say in my “about” my posts will probably flit from one thing to another without cohesion, but if that didn’t happen it wouldn’t be a true reflection of me!


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