Back to school

The summer holidays are over and during this next week the schools will all reopen for a new school year.

Pre-school started today. And today is the day that we get our funding for 15hours a week for our eldest.

Taylor had been going to playschool 2 sessions a week since turning 2. She loves going to playschool and we have all missed it over the summer holidays. But now she will go every morning.

We had spoken about it over the summer and how she’s be going into a new room and going every day. Last night was an easy bedtime as she was excited for this morning!

There is no uniform at the preschool so the children can wear whatever you want them to. There are some children that always seem to have really nice clothes on, but I dress Taylor in very casual clothes as she always seems to come home mucky! It’s quite nice that I don’t have to dress her in uniform until she goes to “proper” school next year.

So this morning was the first time in a long while that the alarm went off and I actually had to wake Taylor. Typical isn’t it?! She had been waking at 7am nearly every morning for weeks, and today I have to wake her at 7.30am!

Usual morning routine of breakfast, get dressed, then she knows she has time to watch 2 Peppa Pig episodes on Channel 5, then off we go. This morning she was so eager that we had to leave half way through the second episode!


Taylor became a little nervous as we stood waiting for the gate to open but once she’d gone in, put her coat on her peg and found her name tag to put in the basket she was fine. I think because there was familiarity from playschool routine it settled her immediately.

I was a bit emotional on the walk home with Lauren thinking that now that’s it. She’ll be gone every day in the school term from now until, well until a long long time away!!!

I’m looking forward to the one-on-one time it’s going to give me & Lauren, and I’m hoping we can all settle into a nice routine meaning that jobs get done as well as time is spent together having fun.

The 3 hours soon passed and it was time to pick her up. The smile on her face told me all I needed to know.

We’ve told Taylor to write her name on pictures she draws so we know which are hers. Sure enough there was a picture waiting…..


And I as I suspected her trousers were filthy…..


I think it’s going to take a while to all get used to the new routine but I know it’ll benefit us all.

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