What do we need to know when applying for school?

By January we have to submit Taylor’s school application for her to start school next year.

There are two schools in our village, one of which is right across the road. The other a 10-15 minute walk (and I would be walking, not driving, come rain or shine)

We have lived in our village for 6 and half years now. When we moved here we didn’t know a great deal about the place, and didn’t really take schools into consideration. And it’s only since becoming a parent that I’ve met people who live here apart from our neighbours who are all elderly.

It’s a place where the majority of people have lived here their whole lives. Their parents, even their grandparents, still live here. They’ve all been to the schools and it is a very 50/50 split as to which school they think is better.

Taylor started at play school just after her second birthday and it is at the school closest to us. She has moved into the preschool there now she is 3. We chose it because a) it was closest and b) because she could start at 2, where as she’d only just be starting now at the other. She was more than ready a year ago to join so it would have been no good waiting for the other.

As we started to fill in the online school application the other day I said to my husband we know nothing about these schools and I’m purely basing a decision on location and the fact that the children she is at preschool with will be attending it. Were we comfortable just applying for a school we knew nothing about?

I enquired about open days/evenings with the school but as they don’t do them we were offered an appointment with the headmaster instead.

As the appointment approaches I suddenly am getting nervous and have no idea what we actually want to know.

What is important to us for the school our daughters will be attending? Is it as important now or should I only be fretting when it comes to high school applications?
What is a good class size?
What do I need to know about teaching methods?
Are after school activities important?

What did you need to know?
What do I want to know?


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