What to do with all that preschool artwork?

Taylor loves to draw. There’s rarely a day goes by that she hasn’t drawn something. Always on paper mind!

Every day at preschool when I pick her up there’s all the artwork done by the children on the tables. I can normally identify which are Taylor’s as she writes her name on them, or I can tell by the style of drawing. Some days I’m surprised by what she says is hers and after two or three “are you sure this is yours Taylor?” I have to admit defeat and take it home.

There’s no way I am keeping everything. I am quite a hoarder, but even I can see its excessive keeping every single drawing. So thanks to the wonders of modern day technology I take photos of the bits we bring home, then on a Friday use Instacollage to combine the pictures into one to keep!!

I then bin the majority and have kept the odd one or two. At the end of every term I’ll go through them again and narrow it down to one or two favourites.






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