Decluttering – Starting as I mean to go on….

I am a hoarder. There’s no doubt about it. I hate getting rid of things. Our loft is almost full of mainly useless , sentimental stuff. I can acknowledge that I hoard, yet I still can’t throw stuff away. Our house becomes fuller and fuller, especially after Christmas and birthdays with the invasion of more toys and books and clothes……

But things have to change.

I have to start decluttering and minimising the amount of stuff in our house. We aim to move in a few years time and the thought of packing up boxes of junk and taking it with us horrifies me. So that is my motivation. Less boxes!

Today was the day everything got back to normal. Our visitors left this morning, preschool reopened so it was back to a normal day.

I’ve decided to take the house room by room. Ideally I wanted to start with my youngest’s bedroom as the big cupboard in her room is my “Monica’s Closet” but there’s no way I can tackle that with 2 children needing me and it’ll take a good few hours. Plus a bit of DIY is needed to fix the shelves!

So today I started in the kitchen. I managed to empty 2 drawers, throw away out of date stuff and throw away or put in the “For Sale” box the things we don’t use or have duplicates of.

I’m quite pleased with the result as I now have 2 drawers that have all the things in them tidy and easily accessible.



I could probably have done better but this is a good start for me. I’m determined to continue in the kitchen tomorrow but not sure which cupboard to go through!


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