Back on the fitness challenge….

This week marked the start of a new 12 week challenge with The Vibe. I’m back on the diet and back to twice weekly classes.

I finished my first 12 week challenge at the start of October. This was my start to finish photo :-


I was very pleased with my achievements within that time and was happy to wear a bikini on our holiday in October.

For various reasons I didn’t attend classes in November and December and the diet went out the window. When I contacted Lizzie to sign me up to the next challenge I was nervous for the first weigh in.

When I went to get weighed I was pleasantly surprised by my weight, hardly putting anything on during the last 8 weeks. I don’t know my measurements but hope to see them at the next weigh in, which will be after 2 weeks.

This is my starting photos this time:-


Today is day 4 and I’m aching from last night’s class and struggling with the diet. Mentally I think seeing as I didn’t really put weight on over Christmas eating a load of rubbish then surely I’ll be ok….. But I know that’s not the right way to think.

My aims this challenge, and for the next 8/9 months are:-

* to tone my stomach, thighs and bum
* to improve my upper body strength
* to be fitter overall

I don’t necessarily want to lose weight as I don’t have issues with my weight, but I realise this is likely to happen.

My aims are based on the fact I have already entered and got a place for the Spartan Race in September and my brother and I are entering the ballot for places in the Great North Run so my fitness needs to increase.
If we get places I realise I’ll need to add a running training plan to my regime on top of my current exercises.

So let’s see what happens over the next 12 weeks…..


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