Putting my phone down……

Last April I wrote a post about giving up Facebook

At that time I did a whole month without using the site. Since then things have just gone back to how they were, if not worse.

My alarm goes off on a morning, on my phone, so the first thing I do is pick up my phone and before getting out of bed scroll through emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…… I read the news on my phone whilst having my morning cuppa and breakfast…… Have a quick flick through social networks again while out walking, and again while eating lunch, and during the afternoon………
I even don’t give TV programmes my full attention as my phone is in my hand.

My phone is never, ever far from my hand. My 13 month old daughter knows how to unlock my iPhone and access apps – doesn’t know what to do from there, but that is enough to show me I use it too much in front of her. Our almost 4 year old has been playing games on iPods for over 2 years now which is terrible. Both of them have learnt to do this because they see both me & their Dad constantly with our phones.

I am neglecting my children, my husband, myself, my friends and our home due to my use of my iPhone. Well, ultimately it’s use of the internet as I don’t spend a lot of time talking or texting on my phone!

Over the weekend I read this article It is an old article yet the content is relevant. So from today I am going to try to be a “Hands free mama”

After this post, my phone will be put in a pocket or put on the side and if it rings I will answer it but I am not allowing myself to check emails or social networks nor do random googling. Not until the evening when the girls are in bed and I’m sitting down to relax.

I’m exchanging my phone camera for my actual camera too and will use that for taking photos of things we do instead.

I’m avoiding Facebook altogether for at least a week. I love seeing photos and catching up on good news, but hate conflict and blatant lies. For some reason it stresses me out so that’s off completely.

But I will continue to blog with my progress and difference it might make to my life. (Only in evenings though!)


4 thoughts on “Putting my phone down……

  1. Ahhh good luck! Though I don’t have a iphone my daughter does and it is now part of her body I am sure! I do have a smart phone which I now do not use at all for the internet. I do have a tablet that I flip through a little in the evening but other than that if I want to be part of the virtual world I need to go upstairs on my laptop! Which again I only use there on my desk for that reason!

    It is far too easy to lose precious time just wasting it really on social media and getting lost on the web! The fact my klout has gone down recently is a positive! x x x

    • Thanks!

      Been tough today but did so much more than usual. Been on my phone tonight but girls fast asleep and hubby is out so the internet is my company!! Haha!

      Looking forward to being more productive during the week. Definitely need to try stick to it. Thinking of turning tv off more too but we’ll see

  2. How crazy that we both blogged about the same thing on the same day!!! I’m not as brave as you and going for the entire day ‘hands free,’ but I will continue the technology time out from school pick up to bedtime! Here’s to more productive phone free days lol!

    • Strange isn’t it?! I was prompted by the article I linked in. It was posted on a parenting page on Facebook and recently seen that video doing the rounds too showing people looking at their phones rather than pay attention to the world.

      I’m going from get up until after girls are in bed. Even then will limit it so I actually spend time with my husband!

      Good luck. Look forward to reading your posts on your thoughts on being phone free x

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