Less phone use equals……

On Monday I posted about how I intended to put my phone down and use the internet less. And it’s been a good week.

I’d be lying if I said I had definitely not used my phone between getting up in the morning and putting my daughters to bed of an evening, but my use of my phone this week has dramatically reduced. So much so that my iPhone has only needed a charge at night – normally it’d be put on charge at least once, if not twice a day plus the overnight! (An obvious sign of overuse!)1

I have not logged on to Facebook at all during this time. It’s the site that takes up most of my time. I feel less stressed not using it, I’m not getting caught up in trivial things, or stressing out at things I read. No idea if I’m missing out on anything (pretty sure I’m not) but if anyone misses me those people would know where to find me outside of Facebook!

So what has putting my phone down allowed me to do with my week? This week I have:-

– attended the local Stay and play session with my girls
– decluttered and cleaned all cupboards and drawers in the kitchen
– baked muffins with the girls
– been into town and bought almost all the cards I need for the whole of 2014!
– met up with a friend and her daughter and chatted while our girls played at a play gym
– cleaned the fridge
– tidied my jewellery drawer
– cuddled on the sofa while watching tv in the evenings
– steam cleaned the downstairs floors; twice!
– scrubbed and cleaned all grouting in between kitchen floor tiles
– done the food shopping
– painted my nails
– written to-do lists for each room in the house
– played games with the girls
– read books with the girls
– tidied / sorted eldest’s bedroom

I know many people will look down that list and think “that’s not a great deal” but for me, what I’ve actually done this week is a massive achievement compared to normal weeks.

On top of all that I’ve done the normal daily chores of cooking, cleaning, washing, walking the dog, bathing the girls, general tidying up. . . .

Because I’ve not been using my phone during the day I’ve found that I’m not as inclined to use it of an evening. I’ve concentrated on the tv programmes I’m watching, chatted with my husband an do done odd jobs that need doing.

So in just 5 days putting down my phone has had a positive effect on my productivity and on my mind. I don’t know what effect it’s had on the children or my other half but I’m sure having my full attention must be better for everyone.

I intend to carry this on until it becomes habit to not use my phone, rather than the unhealthy habit I have now of continuously using it.

Less phone use equals a happier, more productive, less stressed, more focused Kerry


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