Time to stop slacking

Today week 4 of my second 12 week challenge starts.

Right now I’m going to admit I’ve been slack. Sorry Lizzie!!! But the only person I should be sorry to really is myself as it’s me that won’t get the results if I don’t try harder.

My first challenge was done over the summer last year so I found the diet quite easy. A lot of salads etc didn’t bother me in the nice warm, sunny days. Now it’s winter and I’m struggling. I want to drink more cuppas because it’s so dark and cold all day long. And I’m still drinking PG Tips with two sugars, not exchanging it for green tea like I should be. And what’s better than having a biscuit with my cuppa to cheer me up?!

At the start of this challenge I was asked what my aims were for the 12 weeks. I decided that I needed to improve my stamina, improve my upper body strength and tone my bum, tum and thighs. I’m not actually trying to lose weight this time but I understand through the diet and exercise it is likely that my weight will go down.

So today is a new start. I had a green tea and bowl of bran flakes to start my day. My 2 litres of water is measured out to drink throughout the day. Healthy lunch and dinner are planned. And hopefully this aft I can either do a home workout or get a quick run in.

Weigh in is on Saturday so I need to sort myself out this week as last thing I want to do is put on weight & inches and be “punished”!!


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