A week in

A week into February and working well on my aims for the month

The jobs are completed in the youngest’s room and short of going through her clothes (which I plan to do tomorrow) her room is sorted and looks lovely. Been a joint effort with D.I.Y bits done when my husband was home. Feeling very pleased that that’s sorted one week in to the month.

Lauren slept in her own bed all night last Sunday and Monday with a few settling sessions, then Tuesday I was the one who gave in and let her back in our bed in the middle of the night. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday she was in our bed all night due to the D.I.Y bits going on in her room. Tonight she is back in her room and hopefully this is the start of getting her in her own bed all night.

I am taking the girls to the library on Thursday but will be avoiding the bank this time as I don’t think it’s greatest idea with two little ones with me!!

Time with Auntie Sue will have to wait as I didn’t realise she was off on her holidays so that’s an aim that will roll over into next month.

I was thinking of next Saturday for date night but don’t fancy it when I remembered it was Valentine’s weekend.

I carefully watched at ballet & tap today and intend to see if I can find some of the music they use online to practice with Taylor before next week. She is very good at listening and copying during the lesson but there’s a few moves she gets confused with.

Failed with the park aim already. Maybe I set that a little stupidly seeing as it’s winter still!

And still got a few more to work on. But I’m pleased with my progress so far


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