Memories of Sunday roasts…

On Friday on Daybreak I saw an interview with Linda Robson (Birds of a Feather actress) and another man who I can’t recall (sorry!) talking about how more people should enjoy Sunday Roasts with their family, in particular inviting elderly relatives round.

When I think of Sunday roasts I think of 2pm on a Sunday, Italian football on channel 4 playing on the small TV in our kitchen diner, my 2 brothers and I fighting over who’s sitting where and what place mat we’re having… (I must ask Mum if she still has the snowmen placemats) and sitting down with my Mum and Dad before Dad went off to work. We had roasts a lot. I don’t think it was every Sunday throughout the year but I think it was the majority of them. It was very rare to have anyone round eating with us. Mainly because Dad had to work I assume.

Now roast dinners are only once every so often. I find them a hassle. With two young girls constantly requiring attention plus all the preparation needed and constant juggling of when what goes in the oven/hob/microwave – Sunday Roasts are more stressful than enjoyable.

I do think families, mine in particular, should make an effort to sit down together more to eat. We are terrible for having a dining table and rarely using it, favouring dinner on our laps in front of Hollyoaks instead. It’s something that annoys me but for some reason I don’t make the effort to change. Sitting round the table provides a chance to chat, you eat better and it’s a nice thing to do all together.

I won’t be making roasts more often – maybe I will when the girls are older and more able to occupy themselves while I cook – but I do intend to start eating at the table with our girls more, all four of us when time allows.


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