When will I be able to let go?

In May our eldest daughter will be 4. Our youngest daughter is 13months old. Every single piece of clothing, blanket, shoe, toy, book …….. Everything they’ve ever had still is in our house.
I just can’t bear to let it all go.

When we had our first we stored everything as there was absolutely no doubt we’d be trying for a second child; so as things were outgrown they were stored in the loft.

Having a second daughter it’s obviously been a blessing as we’ve not had to and won’t have to in future buy a great deal. And it’s been lovely to see Lauren in clothes Taylor wore. But once again, as Lauren grows out of things they’ve gone back in the loft.

We only ever wanted two children between us but now we have two, I don’t feel like we are “done”. I’d have another baby in a heartbeat. But there’s so much to consider. Our car wouldn’t fit a third car seat in, as the girls and bubba grew we’d need a bigger house, the cost of living will increase, holidays would cost more, it’d put back further my returning to employment, we are getting older, it was tough and can still be tough having 2 never mind 3…………

I think if all those things were easily solved my husband would agree with my desire for a third, but as he is the sole wage earner in our house he is taking the practical, sensible view which is currently no third baby for us.

But I can’t part with anything. I can’t try to sell anything that the girls are outgrowing. We are rapidly running out of storage space and there’s probably other families that could make great use of our things if we sold them on, but I just can’t do it.

Will I ever be able to let the things go?
I suppose the answer won’t appear until there’s a final decision that number 3 definitely won’t happen.


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