The Plane

This is my first post linking up with PODcast for What’s the story?

After searching the thousands of photos I’ve taken I’ve chosen this one taken on 25th May 2009

So why this photo?

This is the plane that took my husband and I – newly weds having married the previous day – to Orlando, Florida …….. and we reboarded the same plane within a matter of hours and we were back in Manchester Airport crying in my Mum’s arms less than 24 hours after we had set off.

Now we can laugh about it, and it certainly is a tale we can tell our children and grandchildren. How many other people can say they were denied entry into the USA, ruining the 3 week honeymoon they had planned?!


3 thoughts on “The Plane

  1. Oh my goodness that must have been heartbreaking!!!! Have you been on another honeymoon since?! So glad you can laugh about it now, must be a very funny story albeit not at the time. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory (did you want me to add you to the Linky?)

    • Ah sorry did I miss something? Trying to interact more but all new to me! That’d be great if you can add me thanks

      We did get another honeymoon thankfully. We flew off to Egypt 5 days later thanks to my mum and fulfilled one of my dreams of visiting the pyramids and sphinx. Was amazing.

      We have since got US Visa and been to Florida too đŸ™‚

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