Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

I’ve never really recognised Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I’d have a different opinion on the matter had I been someone who was sent cards and gifts in my teenage years, but I think the first Valentine’s card I received was from my first boyfriend at the grand age of 20. (Can you hear the violins?)

The first Valentine’s Day that my husband and I were together was 2006, at which point we’d been together almost 9months, living together for 7 of those months. We didn’t mark that Valentine’s Day and have not celebrated it any other year since then.

We tell each other “I love you” every single day. We might not show each other our love every day in obvious lovey dovey ways, but we know. Every year we celebrate the anniversary of our first date, which is also our wedding anniversary. We also mark the anniversary of the day we moved in together.

I remember being taught that Valentine’s Day was a time for singletons to send their love interest a sign to say “I’m interested” – not for the world to spend unnecessary amounts of money on the inflated prices of cards, flowers, chocolates…. Why spend an evening in a packed restaurant when you could go any other time and enjoy a better service at better prices?

Of course, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your long term love then that’s great, that’s your choice. I personally don’t think you should need what is now a typically over commercialised date to show someone you care. Do it whenever you want to, not when someone tells you you should

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