My running shoes are on…..

It’s 29 weeks until I’ll be lining up in Newcastle with thousands of others to take part in running 13.1 miles. (I’m told the .1 is very important to add!) So that makes it 32 weeks until I’m battling through the Spartan Race. Crazy challenge right?

Today I went on my first run around my village. Mad of me after a horrendous boxercise class yesterday which concentrated on legs and I’d doubled up on sets due to there being an odd number of us there!

You have to bear in mind the last time I did any sort of long distance running was probably about 10 years ago, so pre both my babies, and I’m not clocking up anything close to the 3 minute mile!

Using the Nike Run App on my iPhone it shows me that I “ran” 2.66km and it took 16 minutes 38 seconds. I ran solidly for the 1st km, fast walked for 300m, then ran for the rest.


I’m feeling good about it. I know my timing today is laughable but now I have something to beat and keep me determined. So that’s my first run in the bag and it can only get better right?!


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