If I were……

A month – I’d be May. The time of year everything starts to feel brighter and warmer.

A country I’d be Italy. Strong family values, good cooking and hardworking with pretty aspects.

A time of day – I’d be lunchtime. Halfway through the day with energy levels at a steady pace, motivated for the rest of the day

A sea animal – I’d be a dolphin. Intelligent, playful and stick with their family.

A direction I’d be North. So I’m always facing South.

A liquid – I’d be ice cold Coca Cola in a glass bottle. A refreshing treat.

A gemstone – I’d be Tsavorite. Beautiful, unusual and uncommon.

A tree – I’d be a Monkey Puzzle tree. Intriguing and difficult to conquer.

A game – I’d be Guess Who? Takes lots of questions and answers to discover the true identity.

A famous painting – I’d be the Mona Lisa. Intriguing, unobvious beauty, known by many.

A flower – I’d be a daffodil: Bright and seen as a sign that good things are coming.

A kind of weather – I’d be the mix of sun & rain that combines to make a rainbow

A musical instrument – I’d be a piano. Hard to learn how to play, but can be beautiful in the right hands.

A piece of furniture – I’d be a settee. One size suits all, sees many emotions, comfortable and an important part of the home.

A colour – I’d be Purple.My favourite colour.

A means of transportation – I’d be a plane. Goes long distance, fairly reliable, sky´s the limit.

An emotion – I’d be happiness. Positive and smiling,

A fruit – I’d be an Apple. Juicy, tasty, popular and can be used in many dishes !

A sound – I’d be laughter. Makes everyone smile.

A vehicle – I’d be a taxi. There when you need them (if sometimes a tad late).

A place – I’d be the house my Nan & Grandad had as I grew up. Full of memories, comforting, familiar, full of laughter and family orientated.

A taste – I’d be warm bread & butter. Simple, comforting and tasty

A scent – I’d be that lovely smell you get when it’s been a really warm day & it starts to rain.

An animal – I’d be a lion. Strong, proud, protective of its own.

A random object – I’d be journal / notebook / diary – full of thoughts, emotions and memories.

A body part – I’d be the heart. Integral to living. Full of love. Needed by all.

A song – I’d be Love Machine by Girls Aloud. Catchy, lively, gets into people’s heads.

An item of clothing That big, fluffy jumper that makes you feel warm and comfy.

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8 thoughts on “If I were……

  1. What lovely answers! Brilliant that you would be North so you are always facing South, thats a very clever answer. I also said Monkey Puzzle tree =] i really love this post! =D xx

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