Life without Facebook

It’s been almost a month since I dramatically cut down my Facebook use. It was supposed to be internet use but it seems between here & Twitter I can’t get away.

Facebook was my main problem. I know it shouldn’t have, but it stressed me out. Where it started out as a way of catching up with friends & family I didn’t see regularly it had become something that sucked up my time and gave me mainly bad feelings.

On Facebook I’m friends with my family members and friends I see on a regular basis as well as people I went to school with/worked with that I’ve not seen for years and will probably never see again.

I started to get wound up by seeing things on Facebook that conflicted with things I’d heard & seen in “real life”. The Pretenders.

I hated the fact people took to Facebook to tell the world their arguments with their spouse / child / mother / friend / boss. (Delete as applicable) The Moaners.

There’s the one’s who post a comment or a status which is so ambiguous it means people ask what’s up and aren’t allowed a reply. The Cryptics

I could see through the people who would come online to set a status once every few weeks to say “oh look at my life, it’s soooooo good” The Boasters

There’s the people who slag someone off but then “like” or comment on practically every single thing that person does. The Two-Faced Users

And then there’s the downright liars.

Oh and the share if you like this, comment if you hate that……….

I set up a new account to make sure I could stay in my 12week challenge group without having to get caught up in the rest of the Facebook world.

I have set two statuses on my proper Facebook over the past few weeks, 1 to show off about my challenge once it was confirmed (a boaster!) and 2 to get help with my book list. I’ve logged in purely to set a status and see comments on them, I’ve not browsed to see what people are up to.

I don’t miss it.

I actually talk to people about real things not what I’ve seen on Facebook.
I’m a lot less stressed, not being frustrated by the comments of others. I don’t get caught up in “he said, she said”

And no one seems to miss me. Those closest to me know I’m not using it, but no one has messaged me to say “you’re a bit quiet, are you ok?” so I know who really cares about me from the contact I have.

Life without Facebook…….. Much better!


2 thoughts on “Life without Facebook

  1. I understand where you are coming from, but my family and friends are distributed all around the globe, so we manage to see pics of new babies, parties etc. using FB. It has it’s uses 😊

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