Perhaps a tad premature purchase……

I love getting money off things and if I can help it I rarely pay full price for things, opting for sales and discount days to purchase things.

The other day George at Asda had 25% off all children’s clothes online which included school uniform.

Our eldest starts school this September and whilst we’ve not yet got definite confirmation of which school she’ll attend I’ve purchased the majority of her school uniform due to the offer. Madness right?!

A lot of the girls clothes are from George and I’ve never really had a problem with anything quality wise so I haven’t thought twice about ordering from them without actually seeing the items.

The package arrived on Friday.

Inside the package should have been-

2 pinafore dresses age 3-4
2 pinafore dresses age 4-5
2 skirts age 3-4
2 skirts age 4-5
2 packs 2 polo shirts age 3-4
3 packs 2 polo shirts age 4-5

Taylor will turn 4 in May but she’s a skinny little thing and hasn’t been wearing 3-4 for long hence why I ordered both sizes

All that came to a grand total of £34.
(I have a slight problem that 2 of the dresses were missing from the package but it should be resolved)

All that’s left to buy now is tights, school cardigans and school shoes.


Yesterday evening we got her to try the uniform on. Our little shortie is almost drowned in the dresses and I did shed a little tear with seeing her in a uniform. I can’t wait until we have the full set in 6 months time

(Let’s just keep everything crossed she gets in the school we want now I’ve bought this!!)


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