The big fringe question :- to cut or to grow?

I remember being about 10/11 when Mum finally allowed me to grow my fringe out. There was that awful stage of several clips and hairbands trying to keep it out my eyes as it grew. I’ve never had a fringe since.

My eldest daughter has a fringe. For a good 18months of her life she hardly had any hair at all, but now she has quite long hair with a fringe.


Her hair grows so flipping fast that her hair always seems to be in her eyes.
I can’t bring myself to attempt to trim it so it has to wait until either my Mum or I are having our hair cut.

But now I’m starting to wonder when to grow her fringe out. We are all having our hair cut at 12pm today and I can’t decide what to do.

Do I grow it out or do we keep trimming it?


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