When Daddy’s off work…..

Being half term and with a few days holiday to use up before end of next month, Daddy took some time off this week. It was lovely to spend some quality time all four of us, not having to think about preschool or alarm clocks etc. Routine went out the window completely and this is what we got up to:-

On Monday we had all had a haircut! Exciting right?!!!! Tell a lie, we didn’t all, Lauren still hasn’t had her first haircut. Our hairdresser is someone we’ve known a long long time, so we saw her at my mum’s house. Taylor can now see again without peering underneath her fringe. I did contemplate growing it out, but not this time!


On Tuesday we took a trip to Chester Zoo it’s about an hour and 20 minute journey but worth it! We hadn’t told Taylor where we were going so once she realised it was lovely! She couldn’t wait and ran from enclosure to enclosure “what animal’s next? Let’s see the next one!” Despite the fact it absolutely poured down in the afternoon we all (mum came too!) had an amazing day. I’m still exhausted today from all the walking. I googled and found that there is 11 miles of pathway there and we covered A LOT!


Wednesday we had a day at home apart from a brief trip to the dentist. This meant a lot of cuddles, reading books, playing imaginary games, lots of laughter and fun. I love watching the girls with their Daddy. I think they are really going to miss him being back at work even if it’s only been a few days together.

We get weekends together but they seem to get caught up with general “life” and household duties. Days off like this are special and create special memories for our little family of four


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