How Lauren Rose entered the world

Our youngest turns 2 today and I’ve finally written her birth story to share:-

When we found out I was pregnant with Baby Laville 2 I said I wasn’t telling anyone the due date this time. Our first was born 17 days after her due date and I was in hospital from 12 days overdue until the day after she was born. Whilst I appreciated all the texts, Facebook messages and phone calls asking where baby was, it was one of the hardest things ever to resist temptation to reply what I really was thinking!!!!

At our first 12 week scan it turned out I was actually only 10 weeks pregnant so straight away the due date was put back. Baby 2 was due on the 18th December 2012. When we announced our pregnancy we just told people the baby was due in December and should be here before the year was out. We got a few comments about how it was bad planning having a baby so close to Christmas and a few people pestered for the due date but I’d made my mind up. If I didn’t talk about a specific date I wouldn’t get wound up about it.

Just as I did with Taylor I had a relatively easy pregnancy, and at 36 weeks I was sent up to hospital for a scan as baby was suspected to be breech but thankfully this time was fine and there was baby, head down.

I was convinced this baby would be early so the week before our due date I started to get ratty. Why was I going to go overdue? I was going to give birth on Christmas Day wasn’t I? This was the only day that we didn’t want the baby to be born.

On the Friday evening before the due date I started with regular pains. I never really had it with Taylor so it was quite nerve racking as well as exciting. Because I’d gone in for an induction I’d never had the whole “when do we call the hospital?” saga and I didn’t know what to expect.

I went to bed about 11pm and I was asleep before I knew it and when I woke the pains had gone.

On Saturday and Sunday night the pains started again. On both nights they started around 7pm and continued at regular intervals until I went to bed.

The Monday was the day before my due date and I was not in a good mood. I could not believe I was going overdue again. I had a cry or two during the day as well as throwing a few tantrums!!

I spent the day doing all sorts trying to keep occupied I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I hoovered throughout, hoiking the heavy vac up the stairs, I lifted and moved a few boxes, went up and down the stairs countless times, took the dog on his usual walks….. I took a few evening primrose tablets and had leftover curry from the night before!! I literally did not stop all day…

7pm came and as per the previous 3nights the pains started. My husband plays pool on a Monday night and off he went as usual. Taylor was in bed so I sat on the rocking stool that accompanied my nursing chair and rocked side to side while watching the Monday night soaps. The pains didn’t worsen, nor did the gaps between pains get any shorter, but tonight was different. The pains didn’t stop.

I had downloaded a contraction counter app and it was showing various gaps between contractions. Never less than 7minutes but it could be up to 15.

I went to bed but couldn’t sleep. I ended up going back downstairs and watched tv so I didn’t disturb my husband who was to work the next day. I continued to log the contractions on the app and rock on my stool. There really isn’t much on the tv in the middle of the night and after exhausting all I had recorded, at 3am I decided I should try to sleep.
I dozed but the contractions were waking me every 15minutes. Just as I was dropping off the tightening would disturb me. I was a bundle of nerves but I knew that as they weren’t getting worse, nor were the gaps shortening, nothing was happening anytime soon.

Now was my due date. Could it really be that this baby was going to arrive on time? We carried on our day as normal. I took Taylor to playschool, I walked the dog and then Damian decided he wouldn’t be going to work today, he was due in later that day. He walked with me to playschool to pick Taylor up. It was a slow walk with many stops as I’d grab his arm while my stomach tightened. I tried so hard to disguise the contractions but I got some funny looks from the other parents whilst waiting at the playschool gates.

The pains started to get worse. Bearable but hurt more. And the gaps were occasionally shortening. Trying to hide the pains from Taylor – who was 2 and a half – wasn’t easy.

Early evening I rang my mum to let her know what was going on as she was the one who would look after Taylor while Damian and I went to hospital. Typically it was an evening she was out with her friends for a Christmas meal! She just said to call if we needed her. I warned her that I intended to call the hospital after dinner and I’d let her know what they said.

I cooked dinner and tried to eat but the pains were getting worse still so at 7pm I rang the maternity ward. I came off the phone crying as I got the standard response…. “No point coming in yet. Have a bath getting your whole bump under the water and take paracetamol”

Get my whole bump under the water?! How big did they think our bath was?!!

Taylor was ok but it was clear that mummy wasn’t great and this made her a bit anxious so she was quite quiet and tried to follow me wherever I went.

After having a tantrum I took paracetamol and got in the bath. I laid on my front of sorts so my bump was under the water and then laid on my side. Very quickly the contractions became extremely intense. Damian helped me out of the bath and I laid on the bed in my towels. Taylor sat with Daddy downstairs while I laid on the bed groaning through each contraction! I could hear her asking Damian what was the matter with me. The contractions were now coming every 5 minutes but I knew this still wasn’t good enough for hospital.

Just after 9.30pm it all suddenly stepped up a gear and the contractions were coming every 2 minutes. Just after 10pm I rang the hospital. The midwife said I sounded ok so she wasn’t sure I was ready yet. I cried and pleaded with her and she said I could go in but I had to understand that if I wasn’t dilated and in established labour I’d be sent home. I said I understood but I needed to see them. I called Mum and she said she’d be with us ASAP.

By the time Mum arrived the contraction were only 1-2 minutes apart and really painful. I was a noisy labourer and couldn’t help but moan with every contraction.

As mum arrived Damian and I literally just left. Taylor was in her bed but still awake, I think her worry for mummy was keeping her up. During the 20 minute car journey to the hospital every single bump and turn was agonising. I’m pretty sure that journey didn’t take as long as it normally should……

We arrived at the hospital at 10.50pm and we were put in a room. Funnily enough it was the room in which I started my induced labour with Taylor which made me quite happy.

I got undressed and waited to be examined. Damian and I both said we recognised the midwife and when she returned to the room she said she’d looked through my notes to discover that she was the midwife who was with me when my labour finally started with Taylor. She wasn’t with us for her birth though.

The midwife, Amanda, then examined me and it was so painful it kept having to be stopped and started because of my contractions. Then came the bad news. I was only 2cm dilated therefore not in established labour. The midwife said I should be sent home but she would go talk to her senior.

I could not believe it. How could I go home when my contractions were coming every minute??!

Fortunately the midwife came back in with good news. I could stay and see what happened. I started on the gas and air and from this point I don’t remember a great deal. The room felt like it was spinning so I had to keep my eyes shut. Every time the midwife came I apologised for having my eyes closed. I said I wasn’t being rude but I could not open them. Gas and air wasn’t cutting it so I had an injection of meptid. By now the contractions just seemed to be constant. The midwife came in and out to check on me but I constantly had my eyes closed and was either grunting through the pains or puffing on the gas and air.

I was determined this birth would be different to Taylor’s and I always had in my head that if I could help it I’d avoid an epidural, but lying on that bed knowing I wasn’t even classed as being in established labour, all I wanted was the pain to stop so when the midwife said how was I doing? I told her I wanted an epidural. She very nicely told me that I was doing extremely well so let’s not make that jump, just take the next step up. I just nodded in agreement. Looking back she must’ve known there was no time for an epidural.

The midwife left the room to get the drugs and in a matter of seconds I was shouting at Damian to press the buzzer as the urge to push was overwhelming.
With Taylor I hadn’t experienced this feeling so it was quite comforting in it’s way. The midwife was very quickly back in the room, and immediately pressing the buzzer herself before putting on her gloves. Someone came into the room to assist her very quickly. She gave me an injection and within seconds it was as though a curtain of calm had descended. I could have my eyes open, I no longer felt pain and I was silent.
I threw the gas and air mouthpiece out of my mouth towards Damian. I didn’t want it anymore and it was annoying me being near me. The urge to push was so over powering. Damian was stood at the head of the bed holding one of my hands and stroking my head with his other hand. The midwife told me I needed to push. I didn’t reply and Damian said “are you listening babe? You need to push.” I felt like I’d lost the ability to speak and just nodded in response as I attempted to push our baby into the world.

Within no time at all the head was out. It hadn’t at all occurred to me but my waters had not broken so the baby’s head was out with the water sac still complete around them. Damian said it was an amazing sight and I wish it was something I could’ve seen. We’ve read since that the baby is considered to be lucky in life if they are born with the waters still in tact. Let’s hope that’s true.

The midwife broke the waters and the baby immediately started crying, which in turn set the tears off on both me and Damian – our baby was here!The baby’s body was then delivered and the midwife held the baby up to Damian to see. He then told me we had another baby girl and gave me a kiss and a cuddle, whilst tears of joy ran down our faces.

Our newest baby girl was then placed in my arms. The midwife asked if we had a name. We agreed that yes, she would be called Lauren.

Lauren was born at 1.17am, just under 2 and half hours after arriving at the hospital. I’m so glad I wasn’t sent home as I’m pretty sure I’d have ended up giving birth in the car or at home if I had! According to my notes my labour timings were that I was officially in labour for just 1 hour and 16minutes. The first stage being 1hour 5, the second stage 7minutes and the third stage just 4minutes.

I don’t remember delivering the placenta but it must have been quick and simple as it was never mentioned to me at all. Similar to my previous birth.

Thankfully due to the cushioning of the waters still being in tact I had no discomfort at all and was up and out of bed within a very short time of giving birth. The midwives tended to frown at me when I declined painkillers over the next 24hours. This really was a breeze compared to my first birth.

Lauren’s body temperature was dropping so she had to be wrapped up quite well. When her temperature still didn’t rise she had to be placed in an incubator.

Damian went home to take over from a very weary Mum, as Taylor hadn’t settled at all. Fortunately she did sleep once Daddy was home and told her she had a baby sister.

I couldn’t have had a more different birth to Taylor’s birth. I was thrilled to bits that I hadn’t had an epidural and this time I actually felt like I had done something. I don’t think any woman should be made to feel inferior for having drugs, epidural, csection, because ultimately as long as baby and mum are safe that’s all that matters, but I know I personally did have feelings of failure from Taylor’s birth. Failed induction, drip, epidural, forceps delivery….. Everything was forced. My body didn’t do it. But with Lauren my body did. I’m not prouder of Lauren’s birth than Taylor’s as they were both so different, but I’m just pleased that second time around I got to feel things and know what it means to want to push, to feel those pains, to push that baby out.

I’m lucky. I know that.



Happy Anniversary!

Wow. 9 years together, 5 of them married.

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been together a lot longer, other times it feels like it’s passed in the blink of an eye.

We had hoped to be away this weekend, celebrating our anniversary with a trip to London, just the 2 of us, but unfortunately (because I’m too soft) we couldn’t leave our youngest who still wakes for Mumma overnight.

Instead we had a family trip to the Coronation Street Tour yesterday and we are going out for dinner tonight.

I remember our first date like it was yesterday. I say date, basically Damian had asked me to go out with him but as I was on holiday with my best friend it was a night out – Damian, my friend, a random holidaymaker called Russ (who we never saw again!) and me! We never looked back from that day.


When we got engaged and sat with the wedding planner at our chosen venue to pick a date for the year 2009 there was our anniversary on the perfect day to have our wedding. It was a Sunday and it was Bank Holiday the next day which made it perfect for all our family members who needed to travel up to Yorkshire from various counties down South. One less date for hubby to have to remember too hey?!

Our wedding day was the most perfect day. Hardly a cloud in the sky. Hot sunshine. Blue skies. Perfect.

I often look at our wedding photos and just smile. Smile because it was one of the happiest days of my life. Smile because I married my best friend. Smile because I knew that day how much he loves me. Smile because of it being another memory we created together.

Hope I’m writing about our golden anniversary one day and that I’m able to remember everything just as clearly as I do now.


When Daddy’s off work…..

Being half term and with a few days holiday to use up before end of next month, Daddy took some time off this week. It was lovely to spend some quality time all four of us, not having to think about preschool or alarm clocks etc. Routine went out the window completely and this is what we got up to:-

On Monday we had all had a haircut! Exciting right?!!!! Tell a lie, we didn’t all, Lauren still hasn’t had her first haircut. Our hairdresser is someone we’ve known a long long time, so we saw her at my mum’s house. Taylor can now see again without peering underneath her fringe. I did contemplate growing it out, but not this time!


On Tuesday we took a trip to Chester Zoo it’s about an hour and 20 minute journey but worth it! We hadn’t told Taylor where we were going so once she realised it was lovely! She couldn’t wait and ran from enclosure to enclosure “what animal’s next? Let’s see the next one!” Despite the fact it absolutely poured down in the afternoon we all (mum came too!) had an amazing day. I’m still exhausted today from all the walking. I googled and found that there is 11 miles of pathway there and we covered A LOT!


Wednesday we had a day at home apart from a brief trip to the dentist. This meant a lot of cuddles, reading books, playing imaginary games, lots of laughter and fun. I love watching the girls with their Daddy. I think they are really going to miss him being back at work even if it’s only been a few days together.

We get weekends together but they seem to get caught up with general “life” and household duties. Days off like this are special and create special memories for our little family of four

Why I won’t be watching One Born

Before I had my first daughter I couldn’t get enough of programmes such as One Born Every Minute, loving to watch all these wonderful births and the exhilaration of giving birth.

After Taylor’s birth, which involved two failed induction attempts, waters broken by a doctor, attached to a drip, an epidural which wore off, a spinal block, an episiotomy and finally forceps delivery at 17 days overdue – after that I couldn’t watch One Born or any programmes like it. I felt jealous of all these women who seemed to breeze through a natural birth. Why couldn’t mine have been like that? Why did my body fail at giving birth?

Then Lauren was born. I didn’t have drug free labour and birth, but I am so lucky that I had a birth so different to my first. Only missing due date by just over an hour, naturally started, feeling every contraction and the need to push. I do feel Lauren’s birth was a breeze compared to Taylor’s and I feel my body did achieve this time.

So now I can’t watch it because I feel lucky. I feel lucky to have my two beautiful babies. I had two very different, but two very beautiful experiences. And I feel sad that it’s highly unlikely I’ll experience pregnancy and birth again.

I can’t bring myself to watch, and no doubt cry many tears, as the emotions are brought back to me. The wonderful, amazing, exhilarating experiences.

To conclude – jealousy is why I won’t be watching One Born

Perhaps a tad premature purchase……

I love getting money off things and if I can help it I rarely pay full price for things, opting for sales and discount days to purchase things.

The other day George at Asda had 25% off all children’s clothes online which included school uniform.

Our eldest starts school this September and whilst we’ve not yet got definite confirmation of which school she’ll attend I’ve purchased the majority of her school uniform due to the offer. Madness right?!

A lot of the girls clothes are from George and I’ve never really had a problem with anything quality wise so I haven’t thought twice about ordering from them without actually seeing the items.

The package arrived on Friday.

Inside the package should have been-

2 pinafore dresses age 3-4
2 pinafore dresses age 4-5
2 skirts age 3-4
2 skirts age 4-5
2 packs 2 polo shirts age 3-4
3 packs 2 polo shirts age 4-5

Taylor will turn 4 in May but she’s a skinny little thing and hasn’t been wearing 3-4 for long hence why I ordered both sizes

All that came to a grand total of £34.
(I have a slight problem that 2 of the dresses were missing from the package but it should be resolved)

All that’s left to buy now is tights, school cardigans and school shoes.


Yesterday evening we got her to try the uniform on. Our little shortie is almost drowned in the dresses and I did shed a little tear with seeing her in a uniform. I can’t wait until we have the full set in 6 months time

(Let’s just keep everything crossed she gets in the school we want now I’ve bought this!!)

Life without Facebook

It’s been almost a month since I dramatically cut down my Facebook use. It was supposed to be internet use but it seems between here & Twitter I can’t get away.

Facebook was my main problem. I know it shouldn’t have, but it stressed me out. Where it started out as a way of catching up with friends & family I didn’t see regularly it had become something that sucked up my time and gave me mainly bad feelings.

On Facebook I’m friends with my family members and friends I see on a regular basis as well as people I went to school with/worked with that I’ve not seen for years and will probably never see again.

I started to get wound up by seeing things on Facebook that conflicted with things I’d heard & seen in “real life”. The Pretenders.

I hated the fact people took to Facebook to tell the world their arguments with their spouse / child / mother / friend / boss. (Delete as applicable) The Moaners.

There’s the one’s who post a comment or a status which is so ambiguous it means people ask what’s up and aren’t allowed a reply. The Cryptics

I could see through the people who would come online to set a status once every few weeks to say “oh look at my life, it’s soooooo good” The Boasters

There’s the people who slag someone off but then “like” or comment on practically every single thing that person does. The Two-Faced Users

And then there’s the downright liars.

Oh and the share if you like this, comment if you hate that……….

I set up a new account to make sure I could stay in my 12week challenge group without having to get caught up in the rest of the Facebook world.

I have set two statuses on my proper Facebook over the past few weeks, 1 to show off about my challenge once it was confirmed (a boaster!) and 2 to get help with my book list. I’ve logged in purely to set a status and see comments on them, I’ve not browsed to see what people are up to.

I don’t miss it.

I actually talk to people about real things not what I’ve seen on Facebook.
I’m a lot less stressed, not being frustrated by the comments of others. I don’t get caught up in “he said, she said”

And no one seems to miss me. Those closest to me know I’m not using it, but no one has messaged me to say “you’re a bit quiet, are you ok?” so I know who really cares about me from the contact I have.

Life without Facebook…….. Much better!

The Plane

This is my first post linking up with PODcast for What’s the story?

After searching the thousands of photos I’ve taken I’ve chosen this one taken on 25th May 2009

So why this photo?

This is the plane that took my husband and I – newly weds having married the previous day – to Orlando, Florida …….. and we reboarded the same plane within a matter of hours and we were back in Manchester Airport crying in my Mum’s arms less than 24 hours after we had set off.

Now we can laugh about it, and it certainly is a tale we can tell our children and grandchildren. How many other people can say they were denied entry into the USA, ruining the 3 week honeymoon they had planned?!