Shots, bar crawl, laughter and friendship

I’ve chosen this photo for this week’s What’s the Story? link up with PODcast


March 25th 2005.
It was a Friday night.
It was taken in a bar in Albufeira, Portugal. Renos, to be precise.
In the photo is me and the man who is now my husband.
I remember this night like it was yesterday.

It was 2 months minus 1 day after this photo that we went on our first date and started our relationship.

This particular night had started out like all the others had that holiday, with Shelley and I drinking shots and vodka at BJs Canadian Bar with our new friends. Our new friends were the bar men!

Damian was sat at the bar drinking on his night off from the bar he worked at. When it came to the time Shelley and I were about to move on to do our bar crawl on The Strip he asked if he could join us.

What followed was hours of 3 people laughing, drinking shots, dancing, drinking vodkas and lots and lots of talk about anything and everything.

Although neither of us realised at the time, looking back it was that night that created the initial sparks of attraction between us.




I took this photo whilst we were on our first day of safari in Tsavo Park in Kenya in September 2006.

The lioness was mightily peed off with us at this point as we had interrupted her stalking of a baby elephant.
Who knows what we could’ve seen if we’d have arrived on the scene 5/10minutes later?

This is my link up this week with PODcast

London 2012


This week for my What’s the Story? Link up with PODcast I’ve chosen the above image.

We rushed our application for London 2012 tickets, doing it in the hour before we left for our flight to Florida (the successful trip not the failed one!)
We applied for events where we didn’t have to pay much for our daughter as some of the events, such as the athletics a toddler ticket was same price as an adult one.

One of the events we applied for and were extremely lucky to get was Olympic Tennis which took place at Wimbledon.

Taylor had just turned 2 a couple of months before, and in the photo I am 4 and half months pregnant.
Taylor was as good as gold all the way through that day, particularly enjoying the clapping and cheering.

And the 3 of us (or 4 in a way) can all say we’ve been to an Olympic event and also been to Wimbledon! (where – by the way – Henman Hill is much smaller than you’d imagine!